Increase Flexibility


This helps reduce pressure on muscle during exercise

Relieve Stress

Relieve Stress

Relieve Stress for Health Improvements



Strengthening and flexibility exercises, identified root causes and rapidly improve.

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I felt I had always been a slim, active and fit person, I even used gyms homeon and off for seven years, but all that changed after the birth of my son in 2007. I was left three stone overweight a dress size 18 and of course extremely unfit! I let myself go during pregnancy and had definitely been eating for two!

Now having experienced being overweight and the negativity it causes, I have realised the challenges of getting fit again and of course losing weight sensibly so long term it stays off! I now feel i can relate much more to people trapped in the same cycle.

I believe nobody is past the point of no return! I also believe that in our modern day society of cars, computers, office jobs and poor quality food exercise/activity has to be made part of our daily lives and this is simply what we are NOT doing.

I am understanding about everybody's individual needs, I am committed to reaching your goals whether they be fitness, weight loss, sports specific, injury rehabilitation or just general maintenance, I work with all age groups from 18-75 and generally just ladies so let me help you get the results you want so together we can create that new you!




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