Training For Increased Flexibility

Flexibility is the range of motion through which joint's in your body can move. This helps reduce pressure on muscle during exercise and so helps reduce the risk of injury.

  • Flexibility Training
  • Perform better
  • If you have flexible joints, less energy is required while moving.

Decreased Risk of Injury

  • Stretching improves elasticity of muscles which reduces the risk of injury through over stretching.

Improved Posture

  • Stretching helps realign soft tissue, making good posture easier to maintain. 

Better Blood Flow

  • As you stretch muscles temperature rises. This rise in temperature increases blood circulation, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach surrounding muscle. This in turn leads to improved performance. 

increase flexibilityPersonalised Training Programs

Everyone is different, as such needs of each individual differ too. A qualified Personal Trainer is able to tailor a training program specific to YOU and your needs. Each personalised program provides a balanced plan that focuses on the whole YOU so that your physical and mental wellbeing is improved. Plans may include elements or all of the following - Weight Loss and Management, Muscle Tone and Strength, Flexibility, Core Strength and Stability, Reduce Health Risks, Diet and Nutrition, Mental Wellbeing, Cardio Vascular Fitness, Posture Analysis and Injury Rehabilitation.