Injury Rehabilitation

Improve Mental WellbeingDo you or have you suffered from a general or sports specific injury? As well as physio, exercise under the professional guidance of a Personal Trainer is a vital part of the recovery process. Through specially designed strengthening and flexibility exercises, the root cause of the injury will be identified, and rapidly improve.


  • Personalised exercise program
  • Safe recovery
  • Support to pull you through
    ... leading to long-term improvements

Personalised Training Programs

Everyone is different, as such needs of each individual differ too. A qualified Personal Trainer is able to tailor a training program specific to YOU and your needs. Each personalised program provides a balanced plan that focuses on the whole YOU so that your physical and mental wellbeing is improved. Plans may include elements or all of the following - Weight Lose and Management, Muscle Tone and Strength, Flexibility, Core Strength and Stability, Reduce Health Risks, Diet and Nutrition, Mental Wellbeing, Cardio Vascular Fitness, Posture Analysis and Injury Rehabilitation.