Training To Lose And Manage Weight

There are many reasons why you should try and maintain a healthy weight. Not only will you feel and look better, you'll also improve your overall health and fitness. As a professional Personal Trainer, I will ensure you lose weight safely and maintain weight loss effectively. The chances of reaching your goal will be greatly increased and the time taken to attain it much shorter.

Obesity is a major problem in the UK and recognised as the main contributing factor of coronary heart disease, which can lead to heart attack.

loose weight

  • Healthy Gains
  • Less chance of heart disease. Check your BMI using the tool on the right - if your BMI is greater than 25, losing weight is recommended.
  • Less chance of associated health problem with high blood pressure.
  • Decreased levels of cholesterol.
  • Reduces risk of diabetes
  • Personalised Training Programs

Everyone is different, as such needs of each individual differ too. A qualified Personal Trainer is able to tailor a training program specific to YOU and your needs. Each personalised program provides a balanced plan that focuses on the whole YOU so that your physical and mental wellbeing is improved. Plans may include elements or all of the following - Weight Loss and Management, Muscle Tone and Strength, Flexibility, Core Strength and Stability, Reduce Health Risks, Diet and Nutrition, Mental Wellbeing, Cardio Vascular Fitness, Posture Analysis and Injury Rehabilitation.