"I first took up having Personal Training sessions with Leigh at Virgin Active Gym in Derby. I found that just doing the usual classes, which I really enjoy and still do, that these were not quite enough for me. Leigh adapts the training sessions to people’s individual needs and mine was mainly to increase my fitness. When Leigh left Virgin, to become self-employed I followed her, as she knew my capabilities, doing training sessions where I can burn from 430 calories to over 500 at times."

Angela Cason Age 56 years (young)

"I was advised by my consultant to drastically tone up my stomach prior to an operation required 6 months later. I have had 3 children and have been fortunate to lose the baby weight. However I had no muscle tone left in my body. In my case being thin wasn't being toned and fit. Getting a personal trainer was a great decision as my body shape and tone transformed within just 10 weeks and I was surprised that I really enjoyed the sessions! It was very hard work but Leigh is fantastic at motivating you - I cannot recommend her enough."

Linda Williams Age 36

"I had a serious accident back in November 2006 where a hit and run driver crashed into me, I was in a wheel chair for a year and unable to walk properly for a long time after that.

With the help of my Personal Trainer, Leigh, she has helped me strengthen my bad leg and arm, I can now walk a lot better and for longer and can even get up stairs without holding anything which was a big problem for me before.

I feel so much stronger and fitter and happier because I can do more now, I'm still not able to run but Leigh says never say never!"

Holly Price Age 20

"Training with Leigh has now become part of my life, her motivation and passion for exercise inspires me and i cannot recommend her enough!"

Sally Peers Age 36

"Gyms can be very daunting places so I decided to employ Leigh's Personal Training services to come to my home and I have got to say it is the best thing I ever did! I have gained so much confidence within myself and my body shape has completely changed I also enjoy Leighs company"

Dora Mellor Age 65

"Personal Training is one of the best investments I have made, I had been using a gym for two years and not really noticed much difference, I guess I didn't know what I was doing because when I began one to one sessions with Leigh I started seeing results fast! I started with two sessions a week and then went to three a week, within one year i have lost well over a stone and my body looks amazing, I am so pleased with my results! I now feel I can go back to two sessions a week and just maintain what I have achieved"

Yvonne Adams Age 40

"I came to Leigh for some advice about exercise when i fell pregnant, I wasnt sure about the dos and don'ts during pregnancy but really wanted to make sure i looked after myself, Leigh gave me some great advice about what should and shoudnt be done and she even did me a program to do a couple of times a week at home. I have now had my daughter and gone back to see Leigh for more personal Training, I never thought i would ever have a flat stomach again but with Leighs help its very nearly there"

Becky Shaw Age 31

"I have used a few Personal Trainers in the past and never really clicked with them, I have now been with Leigh for 6 Months and at last feel settled with my PT"

Amanda Gardner Age 38

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